Frequently Asked Questions

What to expect on your first visit:

New patients should expect to spend 1-1.5 hours at the clinic on their first visit. During your appointment, your provider will obtain a detailed history, physical examination, orthopedic tests, and a movement analysis. In addition, it may be recommended that you spend part of that time performing therapeutic exercises with your provider or our rehab specialist.

What to expect on subsequent visits:

Patients should expect to spend 40-60 minutes at the clinic on their second visit as your provider will perform a review of findings and follow up on how symptoms may have changed after your initial appointment. Your provider will also review and likely progress any home care that was prescribed to you.

During the course of your treatment, it may be recommended that you undergo regular chiropractic care and/or see one of our massage therapists or acupuncturist to better manage your symptoms. These subsequent visits will range in duration from 20 minutes to one hour. Our goal is always to get you symptom-free as quickly as possible and to give you the tools to remain symptom-free.